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Criticism as Inspiration



  • This isn’t.


littleidi0t @littleidi0t
littleidi0t  @littleidi0t
@bikejc I appreciate all the work and planning you do for the tour,but this should of moved to the rain date.I'll have to skip out this one. 
littleidi0t  @littleidi0t
@YouTube @coachella 360 cool concept, but low res single camera makes for a poor view, regular stream available? https://t.co/2qEJS3rj8e 

About Me

“Not being able to create art they will not understand art.”
Charles Bukowski




Career wise I’ve heavily invested in streaming media and web creation. Fun things like WebRTC, Videoconferencing, Production and Entertainment Bookings, HTML5 video, Content Creation, and SaaS platforms. In my personal life, I’m heavily invested in my wife Liz and various other creative outlets..such as being a music elitist and critic of most things.






Here is a sample portfolio of some of the sites that I have built.  Most are built upon PHP/MySQL CMS Frameworks (WordPress/Joomla) that are heavily modified to fit the client’s wants and needs.

Contact Me

Hit me up at chris@geniusofthecrowd.com and I will get back to you as soon as I can.