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Criticism as Inspiration




    But it isn’t, because this isn’t that kind of page. I’m not really the blogger type and I don’t think what I have to say will be worth reading. This is more of just an outline of what I do outside of my day job.




littleidi0t @littleidi0t
littleidi0t  @littleidi0t
@PATHTrain Don't leave me highhhh, don't leave me dryyyyyy. Seriously, come on, give us an estimate, should I make the trek to the ferry? 
littleidi0t  @littleidi0t
@PATHTrain GIVE US A PATH, PATH! For the last 5 hrs you have told us to take a train that doesn't even serve a majority of your stations. 
littleidi0t  @littleidi0t
Jersey City just lost power, I blame the PATH. 
littleidi0t  @littleidi0t
@PATHTrain An hour later with no actual update of how long delays are? Please gauge and communicate how badly the service sucks in minutes. 

About Me

“Not being able to create art they will not understand art.”
Charles Bukowski



alignWebRTC is taking up a lot of my time lately..more later.






Here is a portfolio of sites that I have built.  Most are built upon PHP/MySQL CMS Frameworks that are heavily modified to fit the client’s wants and needs.

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This is a project with my friend Travis.

Our creative process is drinking a lot of beer and making weird kind of circus metal indie core music with overly complicated plot lines in my living room. But sometimes there is greatness that comes out of our intoxicated subpar musicianship.

We’re working slowly on getting the “Silent Safety” EP put out with 3-4 songs. But it’s tough when you get sidetracked with Super Street Fighter IV and NBA2k13 marathon battles. 


I’m really just putting random stuff here.

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Hit me up at chris@geniusofthecrowd.com and I will get back to you as soon as I can.